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The President’s Message


Graduation – A Time of Excitement!


This is the time of year our students graduate (some clubs graduated new students last June), and we’re sending them out into the dance community like anxious parents sending out their child on a   rst date.   Our students are excited and looking forward to good times ahead!  They have been learning the calls, hearing about dance etiquette, and practicing for approximately nine months (the same amount of time it takes for a new baby to develop).  As our square dance community welcomes new dancers on the   oor, please give them the same love and care you give a newborn.  As the new dancers take baby steps, treat them with kid gloves and when they make a mistake (as we all do), be their voice of encouragement.  Nurture them – they represent our future!  Offer to be their mentor - invite them to a dance or on a banner raid, and if you live close, offer to go with them.



Go back a few years and remember the way you felt when you started dancing. Were you anxious, nervous or afraid?  Was your first dance experience exciting, stimulating and fun?  Did the experienced dancers greet you with a smile to make you feel welcome, let you know they were glad you were there, invite you into their square and pat you on the back for a “job well done”?  This is your chance to be a good angel – the new dancers need your help now more than ever!  Remember, “Square Dancing is Friendship put to Music.”



Our advise to new students is to dance, dance, and dance some more.  Visit other clubs, dance to different callers and meet new people.  Step out of your comfort zone and dance with people you don’t know – get in a square with experienced dancers.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to square up with new

students.  Some great advise given to us – “You’ll only be as good as the square you’re dancing in.”  Most of all HAVE FUN and remember the word FUN has “You” in the middle.


Stay Young, Keep Dancing


Barry & Peggy Carney