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Dances on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.

Lessons on Tuesday nights, Jan. through July.

Frontier Squares - Milford, OHIO

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Square, Round, and Line Dancing
Milford, Ohio  - American Legion Hall
450 Victor Stier Dr.  Jeff & Kathy Sanborn, Presidents
For more info, call: 513-324-2823
Square Dancing
What Is Square Dancing?

Square dance is a folk dance where four couples form a square.  A square dance caller prompts the dancers to complete a sequence of steps.  The dances begin and end in the square formation.  There are several levels of square dancing.  Most clubs in the Cincinnati Area dance Mainstream, which has 71 different calls and/or Plus level which has an additional 29 calls.  There is also Advance dancing at various clubs.  Square dancing is the official State Dance for 19 different states and is enjoyed by people throughout the world.
Typical Questions and their Answers

Do I need to take lessons?
Yes.  Lessons are taught for each level.  Frontier Squares offers Beginning lessons starting in January, followed by Mainstream with Plus lessons ending in May.

Where can I take lessons?
Frontier Squares' lessons are held at the American Legion Post 450 at 111 Race Street, Milford, OH

How much do lessons cost?
Lessons are $4. per week per person.

Where can I call for more information?
Call our club presidents, Jeff & Kathy Sanborn at 513-324-2823, or email them at

Who can take lessons?
Children and adults can take lessons. Please check for additional information on children's participation. All ages welcome.

I can't come the first night.  Can I start the lessons at any time?
You can start in the first through the fourth week, and will get caught up.  After the fourth week, it may be too difficult to catch up.

What should I wear to lessons?
Dress casual and wear comfortable shoes.  Jeans are acceptable.

Is there alcohol at dances or lessons?
No, alcohol is not permitted at lessons or dances.

What level dances are there at Frontier Squares?
Frontier Squares usually has Plus level dances, although there are various dances through the year which are called "High-Low" (some Mainstream only tips, and some Plus tips).

What should I wear to dances?
You can wear whatever makes you the most comfortable. The idea is to dance. Slacks, prairie skirts, regular dresses or “square dance” attire are all seen at a dance; people wear what is most comfortable. Men wear slacks and shirts. Comfortable shoes are important. Some wear sneakers but hard soled shoes may be better for dancing on a wood floor.  

How much does it cost to attend a dance?
At Frontier Squares the current price is $5.00 per person at each dance.  Members' dues are $10 per year.

When do new classes begin?
New Classes begin in January of each year, and people can join for up to three weeks. After that, the class is closed to new entrants   Attend the first night free of charge.  Additional classes are $4.00 each.
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