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Square, Round, and Line Dancing 
Milford, Ohio 
Dances are held at the American Legion Hall 
111 Race Street - Downtown Milford 
Jay and Brenda Jones, Presidents 
For more info, call: 513-583-8843
Frontier Squares
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Dances on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.

Lessons on Tuesday nights, Jan. through July.

Frontier Squares - Milford, OHIO

Webmaster: Ken Close - write to


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The Links on the following pages provide direct access to three kinds of information that can help you with Square, Round, and Line Dancing.
General Info.

Call Information.


General Info gives you links to Square Dancing and Round Dancing Resource Sites.

Call Information leads to sites having videos or flash animations which can help you learn the calls.

Accessories shows you links to sites selling Square Dancing attire and other purchasable items.