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Square, Round, and Line Dancing 
Milford, Ohio 
Dances are held at the American Legion Hall 
111 Race Street - Downtown Milford 
Jay and Brenda Jones, Presidents 
For more info, call: 513-583-8843
Frontier Squares
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Dances on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.

Lessons on Tuesday nights, Jan. through July.

Frontier Squares - Milford, OHIO

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Welcome to the Workbench.  These pages represent “projects”, topics I have experienced, researched, and participated in. Most are ongoing experiences and new data and learning arrives every day.


I am publishing them because I believe they contain valuable information, organized and collected unlike other places on the web.  I shall use this as a reference for myself and believe you may find something of use here.


I am publishing the site without every page, paragraph, and picture being complete.  I have installed the outline of each “project” area, and will continue to add and embellish as time progresses.  In a sense, this is like a blog, but with static content and updated information.


I hope you find some small thing that helps or enlightens you.


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