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Frontier Squares         About Frontier Squares

Square DancingThis is the focus of what we do, but we also Round Dance, Line Dance, have special dances and activities for charitable causes, and generally have a lot of fun.
Round DancingThis is like Ball Room Dancing, but with someone telling you the steps to do.  With infinite variety, and many ballroom dances to perform, Round Dancers have a lot of steps to remember...and a lot of fun doing them.
Line DancingThis is performing a series of repeating steps by yourself or with a partner to some lively music.  A floor full of Line Dancers will step around in unison, each adding a flourish of their own to make their version stand out.
CharityThe Frontier Squares Members pride themselves about a long series of charitable events sponsored by the Club and benefiting local, regional, and National Charities.  From the Christmas Dance and its Toys for Tots drive, to support for the Ronald McDonald House, Frontier Squares Members get it done.

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