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Square, Round, and Line Dancing 
Milford, Ohio 
Dances are held at the American Legion Hall 
111 Race Street - Downtown Milford 
Jay and Brenda Jones, Presidents 
For more info, call: 513-583-8843
Frontier Squares
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Dances on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.

Lessons on Tuesday nights, Jan. through July.

Frontier Squares - Milford, OHIO

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The Christmas Dance and Toys for Tots

Every year the Club sponsors a Christmas Dance where members and attendees from many other Clubs bring presents to be donated to the local Toys for Tots program administered by the Marine Corps.  After a buffet dinner, everyone gathers to present the donated toys to Marine Corps representatives. Then, a fun-filled evening of Square, Round, and Line Dances commences. The following show some pictures from recent Christmas Dance celebrations.
Ronald McDonald House

Frontier Squares supports the Ronald McDonald House in various ways, including collecting aluminum pop-top opening tabs from soft-drank cans.  Pounds and pounds bring a prize to the Club but more importantly result in helping funding for the charity.
Tables set for a feast
Presents under the tree.
Marine representatives accepting the donated gifts.
Getting the Marines
onto the Dance floor
Jar full of pop-top aluminum can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.